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Lamp with characters inside.

Made entirely by hand in epoxy resin. The wooden base inside contains the LED that allows it to be turned on. Equipped with on/off button, USB cable to be plugged into the power supply. Choose the character you prefer, flowers, glitter and customization. Height approximately 20cm total.

Lamp with characters

  • Please read the product description carefully.

    Orders cannot be canceled or refunded due to misreading or modification.

    If you want to change the order, please write to me privately.

    The items are handmade, some small imperfections do not compromise the use of the item but rather establish its craftsmanship.

    The choice of flowers may vary based on availability

  • Production times vary from 15 to 18 working days. For large items or orders the wait can be 20-30 working days.

    The wait is conditioned by the resin installation times, the assembly phase and the influx of requests.

    The package is shipped via SDA courier. From the time of shipment it takes approximately 1-2 working days depending on the delivery area.

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