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Hexagon with flowers incorporated inside. Whether it's the wedding bouquet, marriage proposal. birthday or anniversary keep them forever with a unique object!

The flowers will be dried for 2 weeks (this process is mandatory in order to best maintain the color and shape of the flower. The fresher the flowers, the better the result will be once dried.

You can also insert flowers that have already been dried for some time.

Dimension: 14cm X 16cm. Inside this shape, being narrow, a large quantity of flowers cannot be inserted.

If your bouquet is large, it is advisable to choose another shape.

If you want different shapes do not hesitate to write to me and make your request.

The price includes both home pickup of your bouquet and shipping of the finished item.

It can be personalized by inserting names or initials and dates.

Once you have placed your order you will be contacted to schedule the collection of the flowers.

The choice of lamp leads to an increase of €10.

IMPORTANT: once the flowers have been inserted into the resin they cannot be removed.

The process takes approximately 1 month.

Hexagonal incorporated bouquet

  • Please read the product description carefully and type the desired options correctly.

    Orders will NOT be canceled or refunded due to a reading error.

    IF you made a mistake typing or filling out the order, please write to me privately.

    The items are handmade, some small imperfections do not compromise the use of the item but rather establish its craftsmanship.

    It is underlined that the flowers, once inserted, cannot be removed from the resin.

  • Production times for this item vary from 25 to 35 working days.

    The wait is conditioned by the resin installation times, the assembly phase and the influx of requests.

    The package is shipped via SDA courier. From the time of shipment it takes approximately 1-2 working days depending on the delivery area.

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